JUSTICE LEAGUE [2017]  Zack Snyder - Costume design by Michael Wilkinson.

Concept Designer and Co-supervisor at FBFX ltd. Costumes concept developments for the Amazons, from sketches to fully rendered designs. Provided hands-on support during production, such as leather originations and fittings for both leads and crowds. Co-supervised the team during production manufacture time.

STAR TREK : DISCOVERY [2017] - Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman - Costume design by Gersha Phillips.

Concept Designer at FBFX ltd. Costumes concept developments for the Lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green (soft suit long haul ,short haul armour and accessories), and the USS Discovery crew from sketches to fully rendered designs. 

EN MARGE [2017] - Jean-Teddy Filippe - Frederic Burgun

Lead Concept Designer. Character design and costumes concept developments for different characters to accompany script presentation. Sketches and fully rendered designs. 


Personal project - Nature births its own guardians to maintain balance over life and death

THE FALLEN KINGS - [2005- Ongoing]

Personal project - The Earth shattered into a multitude of islands in the sky.  A fight for survival, war and political intrigue over multiple generations.