JUSTICE LEAGUE [2017] - Zack Snyder - Costume design by Michael Wilkinson.

Concept Designer and Co-supervisor at FBFX ltd. Costumes concept developments for the Amazons, from sketches to fully rendered designs. Provided hands-on support during production, such as leather originations and fittings for both leads and crowds. Co-supervised the team during production manufacture time.

STAR TREK : DISCOVERY [2017] - Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman - Costume design by Gersha Phillips.

Concept Designer at FBFX ltd. Costumes concept developments for the Lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green (soft suit long haul ,short haul armour and accessories), and the USS Discovery crew from sketches to fully rendered designs. 

EN MARGE [pre-production] - Jean-Teddy Filippe - Frederic Burgun

Lead Concept Designer. Character design and costumes concept developments for different characters to accompany script presentation. Sketches and fully rendered designs. 


Creator, Illustrator and concept designer. Concept developments for multiple characters,creatures and costume designs for a new IP publication.

STAR WARS-DISTURBANCE [2016] - Personal project.

Having learn a great deal from my work on Star Wars : The Force Awakens, Star Wars : Rogue one and Star Wars : The Last Jedi as both a costume maker and workshop technician for the CreatureFX department , I took on the fun challenge of revisiting the project by creating a new IP and designing alternative costumes and Alien characters.